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The Kremlin’s Grip and Armenia’s Slide toward Dictatorship

by David Grigorian, Co-founder and Senior Fellow (re-printed from PONARS Eurasia Blog) If there is a part of the world where Russia’s dominance is obvious, it is Armenia. The aftermath of the late July events in Armenia risk pushing the … Continue reading

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Armenia’s (Rigged) Constitutional Referendum

By David Grigorian Reprinted from the Atlantic Council’s “The Atlanticist” Blog A December 6 referendum that transforms Armenia into a parliamentary form of government is seen as an attempt to extend the rule of President Serzh Sargsyan who, at the … Continue reading

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Armenia’s Economy since Independence

Foreword A common analysis of Armenia’s economic performance since independence typically focuses on the limitations imposed by geography and geopolitics and mostly ignores, or at best glosses over, the failures of governance and policy to deliver on what could have … Continue reading

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ARF and Armenia: How to Withstand the Challenges of the Future?

Below are the comments delivered by David Grigorian (Senior Fellow, Policy Forum Armenia) at the public forum titled “The ARF at 120: A Critical Appreciation,” held at the New York Hilton Hotel on Nov. 21, 2010. Click here for the … Continue reading

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