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The Kremlin’s Grip and Armenia’s Slide toward Dictatorship

by David Grigorian, Co-founder and Senior Fellow (re-printed from PONARS Eurasia Blog) If there is a part of the world where Russia’s dominance is obvious, it is Armenia. The aftermath of the late July events in Armenia risk pushing the … Continue reading

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Կեղծիքի Արմատները

                  by Mayis Vanoyan, Senior Fellow Ստուկաչը ռուսերեն բառ է, որը նշանակում է մատնիչ։ Սակայն երբ ասում ենք ստուկաչ, հասկանում ենք ոչ թե լոկ մատնություն, այլև սուտ մատնություն, զրպարտություն կամ մատնություն՝ սադրանքի … Continue reading

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The Power Should Be Returned to People

The events of July 2016 will undoubtedly have repercussions for Armenia’s political life for months, if not years, to come. There is still a healthy amount of inquiry into what took place during those important two weeks in Armenia’s modern … Continue reading

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Is Armenia Becoming a Failed State?

By Annie Demirjian, Senior Fellow It is quite shocking to see the pictures of handcuffed peaceful demonstrators in the streets of Yerevan but for a Canadian it was doubly shocking for me to see the pictures of the Canadian actress Arsinee Khanjian … Continue reading

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Silence and Hypocrisy—Killers of Hope

An urgent call for our Diaspora to demand democracy and human rights in Armenia. While many foreign and outside entities had appealed for a non-extreme response to the extreme actions taken by an armed group at the Yerevan police station, the Diaspora … Continue reading

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30 Armenians

Both ancient and modern writers have used the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC between the Greeks and the Persians as an example of the power of a patriotic army defending their native soil. The Spartan King Leonidas, who was … Continue reading

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When People Are Fed Up

Perhaps since the takeover of Bastille in Paris in July 1789, much of the humanity has chosen non-violent methods for settling political discourse. On the one hand, times were changing and the use of arms looked increasingly uncivilized even while dealing … Continue reading

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